The HA-YL Award is issued by the YL-Commitmitte of Hungarian Radio amateur Society (MRASZ) and the HA-YL Club.
It can be obtained by any licensed radio amateur or SWL station for confirmed two-way contact with different HA-YL station station of HA-YL stations in the three categories, as follows:

Categories: HF, VHF, MIXED
Conditions: for EU stations 6 ponts, for DX stations 3 points
Points:             each two-way QSO with any HA-YL stations   1 point

All the different YL operators of a radio club means as separate YL stations. There is no restriction for time, band, mode, but the contacts through active repeaters are not valid HA-YL Award.
The same station can be represented only once in your application. The application must contain GCR list that includes the name of the YL. The QSL cards not be attached, but the award-committee may request the submitting of them. The application must be certified by two licensed radio amateurs.

Fee: 7$ or 5euro,
The electronic version of the diploma can be applied for free of charge. In this case, the diploma will be sent by e-mail.

The applications and fees have to be send to HA-YL-Awards manager: HA5FQ or e-mail.

Created: HG5VY